Yes, you can make 3D videos with any camcorder!

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What's Included:

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Home 3D TV Click below to order Home 3D TV for just $19.95 plus S/H.

Ever seen a 3D movie?

How much fun would it be to be able to shoot all your own home videos in three dimensions?

It sounds like an interesting idea, but numerous objections are popping into your head right now. How much would it cost? What kind of gadgets do I need to attach to my camcorder? Will my videos be ruined - what if I want to see my videos without 3-D glasses?

You can relax; none of these problems apply to our system!

Keep reading, because this is the perfect way to make fun and effective 3D videos of your friends and family, your vacation, your pets, sports events, weddings, parties, even professional or corporate subjects. Anything!

Home 3D Television

What makes this really cool.

Home 3D Television:

-Is very inexpensive, less than $20.
-Works with any video camera.
-Works with any television set.
-Works with any format video tapes or DVDs.
-No expensive or complicated gadgets are required.
-Your productions are still fully viewable without 3-D glasses, with perfect resolution and color.
-Plus we'll give you a 30-day money back guarantee!

How good is the 3D effect?

It is remarkably good, and our 3D glasses don't have funny-colored lenses, so the color rendition of your productions is not affected in the least.
quoteI can't believe how easy it is! and the 3D looks real!

Get Home 3D Television Today!

The Home 3D Television video contains numerous examples of 3D photography, all done with ordinary home video equipment. Also included is our own example home-video 3D movie, titled "3D Spies."

Shooting your own three-dimensional movies is fun and really, really easy. And you don't even have to do your whole video in 3D. You can announce to your audience, "Put on your 3D glasses now" when you do your 3-D shots. Click the buy button below to get your copy of Home 3D Television for the price of just $19.95 plus $5.00 shipping:
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