From this menu you can print the contents of either your historical data window, or the numbers in the generated numbers window. By setting checkmarks, you can print ALL of the data, or just 10 picks, or the number of picks represented by the LOOKBACK setting.

If you have an entry in the filter box, the historical number printout will be filtered by it.

The Print Format menu selection changes the printing method when checked.  It should be selected if any problems occur when trying to print reports.


Help on various program functions can be accessed from this menu.

You can also press the HELP buttons that appear in the various sections of the program for help. The small help windows that appear are useful for handy reference while working in the program. You can also leave this help document open while you work, for more detailed help.

To register your software, select the registration item from the help menu, and enter your registration number. If your number is accepted by the program, you will get a "thank you" message.

The Number Generation Box! --->

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