USE4.COM advanced setup page

Instructions: Just fill in the boxes with up to seven pages you want launched at startup, and your (optional) name and address, then press the submit button at the bottom of the page. There is no charge for USE4. It is a FREE service.

To set USE4 as your start page, change the homepage setting of your browser to: (automatic launch) or to (manual launch.)

All of your page choices are PRIVATE. The data is stored on your hard drive, it is not sent to us or anyone else.

Enter the web address of the homepage you want to read first here. Don't forget the http://
Then enter your second start page here.
Your third URL goes here.
And then your fourth URL. Leave some entries blank if you don't need so many pages.
Fifth URL.
Sixth URL.
Seventh URL.
Enter a PAUSE value, in seconds. This gives the pages time to load. 20-60 is a good value.

The following entries are optional, but they will help us personalize USE4 for you in the future.
Enter your first name
Enter your last name
Address line one
Address line two
Your city (and country, if not USA)
Your state/province
Your zip/postal code
Enter your E-mail address
When done, press SUBMIT to put USE4 to work. Your settings will save. Test by pressing the launch button on the main page.

Use4 is the world's best homepage... because you can combine all the best features of multiple portals into one super home page. We give your web browser a new feature: multiple start pages! Choose the best news sites, sports scores, search engines, weather pages, lottery results and anything else you like - and all your pages will greet you whenever you start your browser. Load times are staggered so that your pages load in the most efficient way possible.

This page copyright 2000 by Dave Muse. All rights reserved.