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Suppose someone gave you a choice between these two bets:

Guess six numbers between 1 and 50...


Guess six numbers between 1 and 15...

Which would you take? Our lottery system shows you how nearly any winning lotto pick can be made from only 15 numbers! Try out our lotto number computer, then visit the main page !


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Your game has nos. up to:
and an extra ball up to:


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Analysis Lotto will track historical data and identify patterns for you automatically!

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About the Delta Lotto System Ticket Generator: Visit How to Win at Lotto for the theory behind this JavaScript applet. To operate our lottery picker, put the highest allowed lotto no from your state's game in the Numbers Up To box, then simply press Pick a New Lotto Number. You can pick numbers for other than six digit games by changing the the Your Game Has entry. Please note: this lottery number picker uses a simplified version of the Delta system theory. Our software, Analysis Lotto, takes the analysis much further.

To view the delta numbers that your number is created from, press Convert to Delta Number. To change it back to your lotto no, press Convert to Lotto Number. If you press Shuffle before converting it back, you can get a different number lotto, as the order of the deltas as well as their values determines the outcome.

You can also input your own lottery numbers into the boxes to calculate conversions back and forth. Clear simply clears the boxes. Order sorts the boxes numerically.

For games with a powerball, or extra digit, enter the highest allowable bonus number in the Extra Ball box.

Pressing the MegaMillions or PowerBall buttons sets the parameters of our lotto picker for those games.

Try entering winning lotto numbers in the boxes, then press Convert to Delta Number. Observe how any winning lottery number can be represented by smaller numbers.

If it seems that the output of our javascript lotto number generator program slightly violates the rules for choosing discussed elsewhere on this site, its because the program uses a slightly different set of rules, which vary in part according to the setting of the numbers up to box.

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