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My name is Dave Muse. I'm the author of this website, the inventor of the delta lotto system, and the developer of the Analysis Lotto software.

Back in the very early 80's, when the Michigan Lottery first got started, a friend of mine who knew I was a whiz with a computer (still a rarity back then) challenged me to find a way to beat the Lottery. I took on that challenge, and did some research. The lottery program I wrote, for the old Commodore 64, was called "Lottocalc", and it was based on most of the same information you see here. The very first lottery number generated by Lottocalc won $50 for my friend, and he was hooked!

That program must still be floating around somewhere, though you probably won't find it now. The name "Lottocalc" is now being used by another lotto program (that I have nothing to do with.)

Why didn't I stick with my version of Lottocalc? Well, I got sidetracked by the stock market... I wrote a program to beat that, too, called "TradeWhen". (Thanks in part to TradeWhen, I now have plenty of time to write web pages.)

In addition to my mutual fund trading system on the website, I also have a penny stock trading system at

But I did return to the lottery software development business by 1999, created this website, and built the Analysis Lotto software.

My background, actually, is in television engineering. In fact, I worked for several years at one of the TV stations where lottery numbers were picked. Because of this, I wasn't allowed to play, but I spent quite some time contemplating the lottery machine, which was in the room right next to where I worked.

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