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Okay, here's how you guess numbers for a six-digit, 1 to 50 lotto game. If your game is similar to this, it'll work fine.  The rules will change a little depending on the lottery or keno game being played. 

The program Analysis Lotto can adjust these rules to match your particular lotto or keno game.  Examples of setting up other games are in our product support section.   And clear step-by-step directions are HERE.

Remember that, unlike guessing a lotto number, your delta series can contain the same number more than once, and the delta numbers are not necessarily ordered in ascending (lowest to highest) fashion. 

Your guess can contain one number higher than 15, but it's better to stick with the numbers 1-15. Why? Nine out of ten delta numbers will be 15 or less. This means that at least half the time, there will be no delta number greater than 15 in a given six-number-pick. As there are more possible numbers greater than 15 than there are numbers less than 15, its just better strategy to focus your guesses on those cases where the odds are in your favor.

For the best odds, keep at least half of your numbers very low, maybe 8 or less. Remember the delta number ONE occurs somewhere at least once in most (but not all) winning numbers.

Also, the sum of the numbers in your guess must not exceed the highest number allowed in the lotto game you are playing (for most lotto games, somewhere close to 50).

In fact, the odds are highest that the sum of all the deltas in a winning number will be within 15 of the highest number allowed.

After you guess, randomly mix up your delta numbers ,and turn them into a lotto number by following the addition sequence.

When the winning number is announced, even if you don't win, turn it into a delta number and compare it to the delta of the number you picked to see how close you really were!


I have a free computer lotto number picker for you, that follows all the rules above. Just click HERE. And of course, to do an even better job, use Analysis Lotto, our powerful lotto software. More information and video tutorials are on our new lottery DVD, available here.

If you prefer clear step-by-step rules to pick numbers yourself, click HERE.

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