USE4.COM setup page

Instructions: Just fill in the boxes with the pages you want launched at startup, and your (optional) name and address, then press the submit button at the bottom of the page. There is no charge for USE4. It is a FREE service.
All the pages you choose will load stacked on top of each other. As you finish reading each page, click the close box in the upper right corner, so you can see the next window underneath. When you reach the USE4 window, you can surf normally.
To set USE4 as your start page, change the homepage setting of your browser to: (automatic launch) or (manual launch.)

Need to USE more than 4 pages? Visit advanced setup. Want help or more info? See the FAQ. And here's the main page. All of your page choices are PRIVATE. The data is stored on your hard drive, it is not sent to us or anyone else.

Enter the URL of the homepage you want to read first here. Don't forget the http://
Then enter your second start page here.
Your third URL goes here.
And then the fourth. Leave blank if you don't need all four.
Enter a PAUSE value, in seconds. This gives the pages time to load. 20-60 is a good value.

The following entries are optional, but they will help us personalize USE4 for you in the future.
Enter your first name
Enter your last name
Address line one
Address line two
Your city (and country, if not USA)
Your state/province
Your zip/postal code
Enter your E-mail address
When you're done, press SUBMIT to put USE4 to work.

Your preferences will be saved. Test by pressing the launch button on the main page. If everything works, set the homepage setting of your browser to adds a NEW FEATURE to your internet browser, FREE... a multiple automatic page launcher! Now, everytime you log on to the net, use4 will start all your favorite local weather, national news, scores , hobby sites, holiday sites, whatever YOU choose, all from the BEST the net has to offer! Why settle for a jack-of-all-trades portal page? USE4 will open up to seven of the pages of your choice, and stagger the load times for fastest performance. You can choose automatic multiple page load with browser startup, or manual at the push of a button. No more waiting to read pages! Close each window as you read it, and the next is loaded and ready. Also, USE4 can be used to group together a set of bookmarks so that all the sites in a category will open at the same time for automatic surfing!

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